Glocal Teen Hero 2017 Application is Closed.


A platform for teenagers, where they can showcase and share their initiation and achievements, who has not yet been established. The entrepreneurship, business programs or any other creativity in other fields always have been focused on the “youth” particularly on the students enrolled in postgraduate or even higher level of studies.

This is the sole reason why Glocal Khabar, an online news portal, has taken this initiative to provide them the stage where they get opportunity to share their initiation, creativity, enthusiasm which will, then motivate them and more of the other teenagers in our country to develop an entrepreneurial thinking. Always confused by nature, the so called teenagers to aspire taking steps to follow their heart and dream.

Main Activities of the Event

• 6 amazing teen (ages 13-19) will be selected for their achievements, initiations or contributions in any other field outside of their respective school’s or college’s curriculum.
• Selection would be based on their resume, the evidence and an essay on their accomplishment followed by an interview from the panel of judges.
• The fantastic 1, then titled as “Glocal Teen Hero ”, will be given a chance to make a small documentary where they will share their inspirational stories and aspiration for future.
• They will be offered job shadowing and much more opportunities for their growth.

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Fantastic Jury

Ranjit Acharya

Reecha Sharma

Renaud Meyer

Suraj Vaidya

Upaul Majumdar

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